david alexander currie

πŸ”‡ Liminal Portfolio πŸ”•

March 15, 2021

Project Description

My idea for this project is to create an online browser-based gallery that evokes the aesthetics, feelings, and atmospheres of a liminal space. The space will be used to house my weird, forgotten, and unfinished projects. I want the web site to feel abandoned as though one is encountering a space with the lights turned off. To achieve this effect, I plan to incorporate playful takes on lighting, sound and space.


Lost, Forgotten, Machinery…

abandoned carousel

liminal sand

liminal library

I am particularly interested in the sounds of an abandoned/ liminal website. When I watched this documentary I found the coupling of the sounds with the places very haunting.

This online audio installation I made in 2020 now feels abandoned and liminal to me, perhaps due to the movement and sounds, like ancient machinery that has been left running…

Plan of Action

My plan is to port the prototype to three.js and add positional audio and reverb to simulate physical space. I want to include a section that has snippets of code from my live-coding practice as well as related audio that feel forgotten to me. I want to spatialise the different works, images, and soundclips both in 3D virtual space and 3D audio space. Many of the works that will be on display don’t work anymore or were never finished, which personally makes them feel liminal.



Written by David Currie, a current student at NYU ITP. Follow me on Twitter