david alexander currie

Gesture Classifier BLE Sense

April 22, 2021

Here is my video of the gesture to emoji exercise for week 4. The model works reasonably well except the training data could be improved by creating examples with different tilts of the microcontroller. Right now it works best if you keep the micro controller at very specific x-rotation for each gesture while making hand movements.

Some problems I ran into:

  1. error: 'AllOpsResolver' in namespace 'tflite::ops::micro' does not name a type tflite::ops::micro::AllOpsResolver tflOpsResolver;

This line needed to be changed to tflite::AllOpsResolver tflOpsResolver;


  1. tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/kernels/all_ops_resolver.h: No such file or directory

The library imports needed to be changed to:

#include "tensorflow/lite/micro/all_ops_resolver.h"
#include "tensorflow/lite/micro/micro_error_reporter.h"
#include "tensorflow/lite/micro/micro_interpreter.h"
#include "tensorflow/lite/schema/schema_generated.h"
#include "tensorflow/lite/version.h"


Written by David Currie, a current student at NYU ITP. Follow me on Twitter