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Haunt That House!

December 18, 2020

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/davidalexandercurrie/hopes-and-dreams-of-the-ghosts

Game: https://spooky-ghost-game.herokuapp.com/

For our project we created a 1 vs many game where a ghost hunter in a real physical space plays against a team of ghosts the play from a web browser.

The goal of the ghosts is to be able to haunt two objects simultaneously before the 3 minute timer comes to an end.

When ghosts in the browser go inside the household objects in the game, this causes the real objects that exist in the physical world to be affected and causes shaking & lights that change colour and other spooky effects.


Below is a chart that shows the many networking aspects of the project and how to come together. (Later we also added web-rtc so that the ghosts can see John’s room as the background of the browser-game)


Below are some shots from our notion that show our workflow & ideation process.

haunt-that-house haunt-that-house

Below here are future weirder ideas that I hope to get to some day!

haunt-that-house haunt-that-house

Written by David Currie, a current student at NYU ITP. Follow me on Twitter